Wallpaper Designs for Living Room

No matter what design you choose for your living room, installing the right wallpaper designs can help you inject personality and style into the space easily. From a traditional interior design to an eye-catching removal wallpaper design, the option is nearly unlimited. Consider these top picks of wallpaper designs for living room to make the most of the space.

4 Best Wallpaper Designs for Living Room Approved by Interior Designers

#1. Textured Neutral Wallpaper

If your living room is already “crowded”, this textured natural wallpaper can be a perfect option to create some balance. This wallpaper design is great to be paired with nearly everything. Additionally, installing a textured neutral wallpaper will also give you more freedom to decorate your room with pieces of furniture in some bright colors and bold patterns.

#2. Unique Chevron Wallpaper

When it comes to living room décor ideas, a pallet of blues is often made a top pick. A chevron wallpaper will be a great option if you want to create a modern living room with an unusual but elegant design. To make the room less “crowded” with this bold pattern, you can paint the ceiling with neutral colors like white. It doesn’t only create balance but also contrast, making the room more eye-catching.

#3. Classic Striped Wallpaper

The classic striped pattern is one of the best wallpaper designs for living room on the list. Many color and shade combinations that feature this pattern are available to pick up. Make sure that you choose a color combination that can blend well with the entire look of your living room. To strengthen the classic look, you can pick up pieces of furniture with classic designs. Wooden armchairs from the 18th century, Tuscan table flanks of a doorway, and straw curtains might be perfect for the room.

#4. Tropical Wallpaper

If you love everything that reminds you of nature, you can consider this tropical wallpaper. The design of the wallpaper will bring you a holiday vibe every time you enter the room. Don’t hesitate to pick up the one with a bold pattern since this wallpaper can be mixed and matched with other elements in the room easily. To strengthen the tropical vibes, you can pick up bold green palm leaf wallpaper designs for living room. You can also create contrast in the room by placing a white sofa there.

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