Wall Decor for Living Room

5 Ideas of Wall Decor for Living Room

Creativity is all you need to get the best wall decor for living room. You do not always have to buy expensive fine art to make your living room wall look attractive. You can simply use these wall décor ideas that can bring a significant change to your living room.

Large-Scale Art

The living room wall usually becomes the best place to display your art collection. Of course, art can also be a great decoration choice for your living room wall. Instead of combining some art pieces in small size, you can hang a large-scale art. An oversized photograph or painting can work well on your large wall. It will become the focus of attention in the living room space. It is also useful to set the tone, especially if you have a small living room.

Accent Wall

Using the living room wall to display objects is not the only thing you can do for living room decor ideas. The wall can be the object of decoration, as well. You can create an accent wall in your living room by using bright and bold colors. You can also bring patterns in your living room by using decorative paint techniques such as stenciling or wallpaper.


Using mirror wall decor for living room will always be a great idea. Mirrors you hang in the living room will reflect light. That is why your small living room can feel brighter and bigger. To get the best decoration result with mirrors, you can display an oversized mirror. You can also display some mirrors of smaller sizes.


Shelving usually will be all about functionality. You want to add bookshelves in your living room because you need a space to store and display your collection. However, when you do not have enough floor space for other bookshelves, you can install floating shelves. Your collection that will be brought to the wall can be a brilliant wall decor for living room. It can be used for displaying your hardcover collection, for sure. It is also great for displaying other collections including small sculptures.


Do you have a plate collection? People usually hide their fine china in a close cabinet. Your plate collection comes with unique charms that are too beautiful to be hidden. You need to display it and make it into wall decor for living room. How can you do that? You only need to find wire plate hangers to hang your beautiful dishes on your living room wall.

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