Top 10 Interior Design and Home Remodeling Trends for 2022

Trends in interior design and home remodeling

1. U socket

Apple devices dominate most homes, so the new U-Socket wall plug features two built-in USB ports to power devices like iPhones, gaming devices, digital cameras, Kindles and iPads. The U-socket also features a smart sensor that allows it to turn itself off when the device is fully charged – an eco-friendly feature that prevents “vampire drain”.

Top 10 interior design
U socket

2. Kick the shower to the curb

Showers are becoming more popular than tubs. “Homeowners want to enhance the ‘shower experience’ rather than the tub experience,” says Kathleen Donohue, design consultant to Neil Kelly. An increasingly popular feature is the curb-free shower.

Top 10 interior design
Richards Bath Curbless Shower

Interior design and house remodeling

3. Stand alone tubs

In 2014, if homeowners want a hot tub experience, they’ll likely choose a freestanding tub as a structural element that takes up far less space in the room than the old, tiled-in tub patio.

Top 10 interior design
Trend 3 stand-alone tub

4. Floating shelves

Cabinets can make or break a kitchen design, and Neil Kelly’s design consultant, Fabian Genovesi, likes to break down the cabinet layout. “I design kitchens that aren’t just long rows of cabinets, but are divided into different areas,” says Fabian. β€œDon’t take up all the space with closets. Floating shelves, open spaces and space to hang wall art.”

Top 10 interior design
Floating shelves trends Fabian

5. Cobalt Blue

While designers may disagree on what defines some trends for 2014, they all agree on one thing: bright colors are certainly “in”. Neil Kelly Design Consultant Suzie Atkin says cobalt blue is a particularly hot color.

Top 10 interior design
Trend 5 Cobalt Blue

Interior design and house remodeling

6. From modern to modest

The industrial modern decor of 2013 will transform into a more relaxed, classic and modest look in 2014. While stone, metal and wood will still be popular, expect a more relaxed feel and rounded designs with earth tones and raw metal finishes.

Top 10 interior design

7. Self-expression

Whether it’s bold use of color or ornamentation, homeowners won’t be afraid to express their personality. Jeweled colors, gilded frames and layered textiles will be methods of self-expression in 2014.

Top 10 interior design
Trend 7 Self-Expression

8. Multi-generational living

Neil Kelly Design Consultant Barbara Murphy helps clients design bathrooms that come with multi-generational features that cater to aging parents or boomerang kids. Wall-mounted wheelchair sinks, walk-in bathtubs, and motion-sensing faucets can make bathing a better experience for everyone,” she says.

Top 10 interior design
Trends multi-generational living

Interior design and house remodeling

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