Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces – If you have a small space, then what you are dealing with on an almost constant basis is the steady stream of clutter, which houses itself all over the space, with seemingly little that can be done about it.

Small spaces have many benefits when it comes to design, in that you can be more indulgent with small details, you can be more bold, you can be more creative – however if your space is being constantly overloaded with things that don’t really belong in it, then storage is an issue for you.

Here are some smart storage ideas to help you clear the space and return it to its original purpose.

5 Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

1.) Coffee tables with hidden drawers

Coffee tables are a pretty important part of any communal room, and coffee tables with drawers are beautifully designed pieces that can not only fulfill the function of a coffee table, but also be a storage place for any media in the room.

Coffee tables with hidden drawers

Coffee tables are magnets for clutter in small spaces, so choosing one with dedicated drawers for magazines, CDs, DVD’s and stationary mean that you can store these things away invisibility and access them just as easily as you would if they were laying around the room.

2.) TV units with drawers

TV units with drawers

TV units with drawers and preferably doors to hide the TV are exceptionally brilliant storage areas in a small room,. Not only do they hide away the TV (because lets face it, sometimes the TV is just plain intrusive), they also make for excellent places to put letters, post, mail, notepads and other traveling bits and bobs that are cluttering up your space.

3.) Bath unit with integrated cupboards

Bath unit with integrated cupboards

This is a personal favorite because it is just so clever! Every bathroom has a sink in it, and commonly that sink is standing on it’s own stand, taking up space. Not only does it take up space, but it also acts as a magnet for dirt and grime that collect at the base and create a germ pool.

Replacing this kind of sink with a cupboard unit, gives you storage space for towels, sponges, potions and lotions with the added benefit of basin options such as those that appear to be standing alone.

You also get extra surface space around the basin for soap holders, and towel rings that can be very beautiful in a bathroom. These are very easy to fit and you can make use of tool hire and other cost saving methods to help save money.

4.) Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes

The best thing about fitted wardrobes in small rooms is in their sheer size. If you are confident about the item positioning in a room, then a fitted wardrobe will clear away all other space in a room, housing everything you can deem necessary in a bedroom.

Thanks to their extreme height and width, and options that come with them (such as being fitted over the bed and down the other side of the room for example) make these kinds of wardrobes fantastic space savers.

5.) Hangings


If the small space is a kitchen, then one area of clever storage that is always overlooked is the ceiling. Having a hanging feature on which you can hang your commonly used items is decorative, as well as useful leaving all of your actual cupboards for storage use.

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