Rustic Style Living Room

4 Ideas for Rustic Style Living Room

The rustic style living room can make any guest feel more welcomed because of its warm atmosphere. You can get a rustic living room with these ideas.


A rustic living room will never be far from neutral elements. Of course, it means that you need to use rustic style living room furniture from natural wooden materials. More importantly, you have to keep it neutral in color.

Your wooden beams or ceiling can be kept in its natural color. White color can be used for anything in the living room but not for those wooden elements, for instance. Mixing neutral elements in your living room will bring a richness of look to your living room.

Wood Paneling

There is no way you will not feel the rustic atmosphere when you enter a living room with wood-paneled walls. You will be successful with your rustic style living room if you install wood paneling on the walls.

You can consider using dark, lean, and long wooden panels for adding more grit and polish to your living room space. you can also combine it with a cream carpet to create a warm mood in your living room.

Modern Art

Some people think that modern art does not have a place in the living room interior design with rustic style. However, you can incorporate modern art in your modern living room. If you have a living room with a weathered hardwood floor and exposed beams, you already have a strong rustic feel in your living room.

Do not forget to coat the wall in white paint. When adding abstract wall art, modern art will not ruin the rustic atmosphere in your living room at all.

Texture Combination

If you live in a farmhouse, the living room might have a rustic element that you want to put under the spotlight. It will be great if you have a fireplace mantel made of pine wood. It will make the living room look and feel cozy, for sure. At the same time, it can also add the main texture to your living room.

You just need to combine it with more textures. For example, you can also add a wooden bookcase. Windsor chairs will also be another great texture combination that brings out the rustic feel in your living room further.

More rural charms can also be found by placing tin sconces and wicker baskets. This is the rustic style living room you want to have, for sure.

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