Orange Living Room Decor

5 Orange Living Room Decor Ideas

Do you think that orange living room decor can be a great idea? Some people hesitate about this choice but these ideas below can help you create a beautiful living room with a touch of orange.

Orange Living Room Decor

Orange and Green

You might not think that orange and green can be a great color combination for your living room decoration. Nevertheless, as long as you choose the right shade of orange and green, you will get an elegant moody ambiance in your living room. You can try to combine bold deep orange and jewel-toned deep green. To enhance the elegant look, you can also use a metallic copper accent for the coffee table and fireplace.

Orange and Grey

People love to choose grey as cool neutral color that can be a perfect combination for any home decoration. Many living room decor ideas will pair cool and warm colors. In this circumstance, you can combine grey and orange color to get a stylish look in the living room. You will get a modern cozy feel with this contemporary combination.

Orange Walls

You might not think that you will use the orange wall for orange living room decor. Some people think that it is too much orange but adding a burst of orange can be perfectly done on the wall space. You can make your vibrant orange wall as the backdrop for the couch in a neutral color and woo accent pieces in deep chocolate color. You can also bring in more orange in the chevron flooring.

Autumn Palette

Orange is the color that can represent autumn the most. Orange and red can be the perfect autumn color combination although both are warm colors. Of course, it will also be great to bring the autumn palette for orange living room decor ideas.  You can paint the wall in a deep pumpkin color. For the highlight, you can put deep red couches to bring the autumn aesthetic further.

Orange and Black

Orange is also part of the popular bold retro color combination. You can combine orange with black and yellow. Of course, it does not mean that you can completely make your living room into a retro space. You can add a modern touch to the retro look that can be brought by orange living room decor. The striped print couch can be used as the focal point of your living room. It can be accentuated by warm brown and black. Do not forget about the rug, as well.

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