Modern Farmhouse Living Room

How to Emulate Modern Farmhouse Style in Your Urban Living Room

The key element in creating a modern farmhouse living room is to involve rustic and natural elements into the design. The primary goal of this style is to emulate the cozy feeling of a cottage house with some modern twist here and there. It combines the traditional design with some streamlined modern shapes. See the below steps to guide you to create your own modern farmhouse for your urban home living room.

Balanced application

One of the primary elements to create a modern farmhouse living room is the use of woods. Woods are selected to provide your living room with rustic and natural look. Combined with modern streamline design, your living room will have a calming atmosphere that emulates both traditional and modern style. The application of both styles must be precise and balanced.

For instance, installing wood beams and paneling will evoke a country look. To give the room a modern look, paint everything around them white. That way, you can immediately achieve a more contemporary look for your country-style living room.

Rustic furniture

Modern farmhouse living room will always be inherently rustic. The whole idea of a modern farmhouse is to emulate casual feeling and wear, as if the room has been around for a while. To achieve such a look, rustic furniture is chosen. The chosen furniture should be minimalistic and understated in design. However, you must pay attention to the use of modern fabric to add texture and modern look.

On top of that, select furniture with a darker tone to contrast with the surrounding plain wall.

Simple wall decors

To accompany the established style, select some wall decor to fill the black space in your living room walls. Some experts in living room interior design suggest that you should choose the simple yet meaningful decor. However, it is also important to not overcrowd the wall with an overwhelming amount of decor. To accomplish that, select some decorations with a uniformed color palette for your wall.

Emulate outdoor

A good modern farmhouse living room is the one that can emulate the breezy feeling of being outdoors. You can achieve this feeling through lighting and greenery. In terms of lighting, most interior design experts prefer to use natural lighting for the living room. Greenery can be selected based on your taste. However, we personally suggest that you use small plants such as philodendron for easier care.

So, that’s all you can do to make a modern farmhouse living room. When designing your room, loosely use the aforementioned guide in your designing process. Also, don’t forget to add your own taste for maximum coziness in your living room.

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