Mid Century Modern Living Room

Season change will change the mood greatly. Nevertheless, it will also be a good reason to change some parts of your life such as your living room decoration. You can try to redecorate your living room and make it into a mid century modern living room to get the new vibe that makes you feel a little bit luxurious without being too much.

4 Useful Tips to Decorate Mid Century Modern Living Room

Glamorous Elements

Mid-century modern interior decoration needs to deliver a glamor charm in your living room. That is why you must not forget to add some glamorous elements when decorating your living room. It will be perfect to impress people, especially since the living room is the place to welcome guests.

It does not mean that every element in the living room must be luxurious. You can consider one or two elements that can be added with a glamorous touch. For example, you can hang a high-quality chandelier with a mid-century design. You can also use a marble side table to add a luxurious touch to your living room. A luxurious coffee table can also be a great addition to your mid century modern living room ideas.

Indoor Plants

You cannot feel the vibe of mid century modern living room if there is no indoor plant. You have to place some plants in your living room. One thing is for sure, a touch of outdoors will always create a good living room with a mid-century modern style. You need to embrace those plants and bring some of them indoors. It will also be great to bring freshness to your living room.

Strong Color Palette

You can create a mid-century interior decoration by using a strong color palette. You will never fail to get the look you want in your living room interior design. You need to use colors that can make a statement look in your living room such as avocado, tangerine, or dark pastels. You just need to combine the chosen statement color with a neutral one such as grey or white.


What is the key to bringing mid-century modern style into your living room? Simply by adding texture to your living room decoration, you can get the vibe you want. Since we are talking about the mid century modern living room, we cannot skip velvet texture from the interior decoration element. A space with a velvet element will feel richer. You can bring in velvet as sofa cover material. It will not only be comfortable but also great for a movie night.

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