Mediterranean Style Living Room

How to Design Exquisite Mediterranean Style Living Room

Mediterranean style living room is one of the most famous living rooms designs nowadays. The combination of modern living room interior design with a touch of warm and natural materials makes this type of living room perfect for entertaining guests. If you dream of having a Southern European-style living room, make sure you follow these design tips.

Go Simple with White Walls

Mediterranean style is all about luxurious living room design blends with simplicity. It is the simplicity that makes the room look elegant and expensive.

To stay true to the authentic Mediterranean style living room, make sure to paint the walls white. The white walls will be a canvas for you to spark your creativity and further design the room.

Add Some Pattern and Texture

Just because the walls are dominated by white, it doesn’t mean that the room will be dull. You can still play with pattern and texture to make the room pops.

To add some texture, you can use curtains. Make sure it hangs from the ceiling to the floor to add some luxurious style to your lovely living room. You also can add some rugs and throw pillows for extra accents.

Don’t forget to play with patterns because the Mediterranean living room is all about patterns. You can use pattern tiles and maybe put some European style vases and bowls. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the decorations.

Get Close with Nature

You need to let the outside in when designing a Mediterranean home. So, make sure to install many windows to let the natural lights in. the natural lighting and white walls will make a perfect combination.

Don’t stop with the natural lighting. You can also bring the outside in by putting some plants and trees in the living room. The size of the plants doesn’t matter; just make sure it matches the size of your living room.

A green plant is the best idea for this living room style. But if you still need more colors, you can also put some flowers on the table.

Use Natural Materials

For a warmer atmosphere, you can introduce some natural wooden materials. You can choose some wooden furniture, such as a coffee table or shelves. If you want to go bolder with the natural materials, you can opt for a wooden floor or ceiling. The key to creating a beautiful Mediterranean style living room is to keep everything balanced and combine all the elements naturally.

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