Living Room Theme Ideas

Great Living Room Theme Ideas That Might Suit Your Preference

Living room is one of the most important parts of a house. In the living room, you could chat, relax, and have a quality time with your family. Therefore, decorating it with a certain theme is essential to make your living room cozier. A decoration design should be based on a specific theme. In this article we have compiled some of the most popular living room theme ideas that might suit your preference.

Rustic living room theme

The goal of a rustic living room is to create a natural looking room by incorporating natural elements in the design. To achieve such a look, a particular selection of furniture and wall is required. In terms of wall, shiplap is suitable to emulate the aesthetic of beach houses and farmhouses. Shiplap will also highlight the texture of your living room, an essential element of rustic themes.

Choose some furniture with the most distinct wood texture and color. For the floor, select a natural-patterned carpet to give the feeling of warmth and comfort. Last but not least, if it’s possible, incorporate a fireplace as a centerpiece to your rustic living room.

Contemporary living room theme

Contemporary living room theme ideas are based on simplicity, clean lines, the use of texture, and crafty modernism. The selection of color is essential to create a contemporary-themed living room. So, pick black, white, or neutral color for your living room wall. To add more modern feel, pick some decors that will blend well against the wall while also providing clear defining lines.

On top of that, pick some bright colored furniture to make them stand out against the flat wall. In terms of shape, avoid furniture with curves as it might create the feeling of clutter. Instead, pick smooth, clean, and geometric shaped furniture.

Victorian living room theme

Do you want to feel like a king in your house? If you do, you can incorporate Victorian living room decor ideas. Starting from the bottom, the floor of a Victorian living room usually consists of groove flooring. On top of that, you can add braided rug to accentuate the Victorian era decor. For the walls, use wainscoting with dark shade color to increase the Victorian mood.

The furniture should be oversized and decorated with marvelous detail. For a more simplistic approach, you can use an overstuffed sofa with a chintz cover. For decor, decorate your room with Victorian-styled accessories, such as ornate brass lamps with Tiffany-style shade. For Victorian living room theme ideas, an antique collection of porcelain plates and dishes can also be used as the final touch.

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