Living Room Style Ideas

With a lot of living room style ideas available, you have more freedom to pick up as well as mix and match the ones that fit your taste and personality. From contemporary style to elegant designs, you will have your hands full.

All you need is just creativity and courage to explore the ideas and then implement them in your living room design. Try to find your inspirations to decorate your living room in the following list.

Top 4 Living Room-Style Ideas to Upgrade Your Interior Design

#1. Country Living Room with Ditsy Florals

If you are looking for living room décor ideas for your rustic home design, consider these ditsy floral patterns. The design will bring contemporary vibes to your minimal living room.

You can do it simply by adding a sofa wrapped in colorful small floral patterns to add color to the space. To make it more sophisticated, you can also put a rug with a soft color under the sofa. If you want to add contrast to the room, you can pick up a rug with striped patterns.

#2. Modern Living Room with Muted Pink

It is one of the living room style ideas that are worth your attention. This contemporary living room can also provide you with a warm feeling if you use the right color to paint it.

For the walls, you can pick up muted pink that will look harmonious with glass windows and a large sofa in whites. As the focal point, you can cover the floors with a rug in the same tones. Meanwhile, adding two armchairs in muted pink and maroon against the sofa makes the room more joyful and warm.

#3. Back-to-Nature Living Room

If go-green is your new motto of life, consider this back-to-nature design to decorate your living room. You can start it by picking up colors that will remind you of nature like green and earthy tones. Using prints in a similar pallet is also a great idea to keep a harmonious scheme.

You can install curtains and plum seat cushions in green bold patterns. Meanwhile, the clean white walls will provide a perfect background for the room. You can also complement the design with botanical artworks to strengthen the nature and country feel.

#4. Desert-Feel Living Room with Earthy Tones

One of the best living room style ideas shouldn’t be skipped from the list is the one with terracotta tones. You can use plaster-effect walls mixed with dark wood to decorate it. This will help you create a desert-home feel in your living room. You can also add a low-lung sofa as a trick to make the space looks loftier.

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