Living Room Paint Design

4 Living Room Paint Design Ideas You’re Going to Love

A simple act like adding color can add personality and style to your living room. This is perhaps the easiest and quickest living room paint design tip that you can try. Whether you want a living room design with a classic style or a calm look, there is nothing that can transform it better than color paint. Take a look at the following gorgeous paint ideas to take your living room design to a different level.

#1. White Is Never Out-Dated

White is a neutral but elegant color often chosen by interior designers to transform a space. Applying this color on both ceilings and walls will make all non-white furniture in the room look more fabulous. White is also an ideal option to take if you want to create an illusion in a room and make it look more spacious than its original size. Painting your living room in white will provide it with the light and energy needed to reflect attention to the other elements in the room.

#2. Adding Warmth to the Living Room with Cream

Painting the walls and ceilings with cream is another simple living room paint design tip that has a great effect on the space. This color will be suitable the most especially if you have a living room with an East- or North-facing with little to no natural daylight. With cream, you can use the color to reflect light and add warmth that can’t be done by other colors, including white.

#3. Grey Living Room

Modern interior design dubs grey as the best-selling color people that people choose for their living room décor ideas. This neutral color can help you create an amazing living room design as long as you pick up the right shade of grey. You need to know that this color comes with a wide range of paint tones. To create a wonderful brown pink or purple tint in your living room, you can pick up the cool end of the grey spectrum with blue undertones. As an alternative, you can choose the one that features warm shades and red bases.

#4. Deep Blue for an Intimate Living Room

You can choose deep blue to create a living room paint design with an intimate vibe. Combining deep and bright blue allows you to create a joyful blue hue in the room. This intense color shade is a perfect option to take if you want to add warmth to your interior design.

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