Interior Design for Small Living Room

A small living room is always challenging to design. You can try to make it comfortable, presentable, and valuable by using some ideas of interior design for a small living room. Your living room will be functional without getting too cramped.

4 Ideas of Interior Design for Small Living Room

Open Up Wall

Building walls in the house is done to separate rooms. However, when you have a small house with a small living room, you might want to open up a wall instead. It sounds pretty dramatic but it can increase the sense of space in the living room. You can try to open up the wall where the hallway is located behind.

You will find this living room interior design idea great especially if the room is pretty dark. You do not have to break down the entire wall so the structure of the living room will not be damaged. However, you should ask a professional before deciding to make a big hole in the wall.

Small Footprint Furniture

In a small living room, storage will always be a big issue. You need storage to keep various things but you do not have enough floor space to put all of the storage you need. Of course, you can still add storage in your small living room but you should choose one that does not use much floor space. You can use one with ceiling height to maximize the available storage space. Ladder-style shelving can be a great idea of interior design for small living room, for sure.

Built-in Furniture

If you think that you should add more storage space to your living room, you can choose built-in storage. Instead of using freestanding storage, you can save more space by installing built-in cupboards and shelving. You can take it further by adding a built-in seating area as well. The best interior design for small living room will not waste valuable space in your small living room at all. You can also have more storage space by adding under-bench storage.

Wall Lights

Lights are important in a small living room. However, you have to be very careful with your light choice to make sure that it will not waste your space. wall-mounted lights will be a perfect idea of interior design for small living room. It will not rob the space as long as you choose one with a sleek profile. It will not waste the floor space, as well. Plugin lights are preferable as well to avoid the problem of rewiring.

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