Industrial Interior Design Style

7 Important Elements of Industrial Interior Design Style

Do you want to use an industrial interior design style for your home? You have to pay attention to the important elements of industrial interior design.

  1. Exposed Brick

You can find many industrial lofts that come with exposed brick walls. This type of wall will add a rustic, as well as, factory feels in this interior design style. However, it does not mean that a house with exposed brick is an industrial house. It seems that it comes back in style after drywall plastered over the original brick was very popular and common for most modern homes.

  1. Metal and Wood

Of course, you cannot forget about the furniture design in the industrial interior design style guide. The furniture items that can roar the industrial style must be made from rustic wood and exposed metal. This combination can be found in any style of furniture, after all. It will not be hard to make a beautiful industrial house with metal and wood furniture.

  1. Exposed Metal Ducts, Pipes, and Beams

Do not forget that the key point of industrial home interior design ideas is to leave the raw elements. You need to show the raw ducts, pipes, and beams to get the factory vibe you want from the industrial decoration style. Those raw bones of the space will be better if they are made of metal material.

  1. Silver Metallic Palette

If you are looking for bright and bold colors in an industrial space, you might find it difficult. Those colors are rarely used in the factory, after all. That is why when you want to apply industrial interior design style, for your home interior, you need to stock the silver metallic palette. Silver, grey, and gold will be a perfect choice that will look well with some dark navy blues and browns in your industrial home.

  1. Open Layout

The main inspiration of industrial interior design is a factory or large warehouse. Only a few walls are used for separating the rooms in the warehouse or factory. This kind of open layout should also be used in your house to allow free movement.

  1. Concrete

You also need to incorporate concrete in the design elements of your industrial homes, such as floors and countertops. It’s dark grey color will work great with woods and metals that are used a lot in an industrial house.

  1. Copper Cookware

The industrial interior design style can look cold because of those details. To add warmth, you can use copper cookware in your kitchen. Displaying copper pots and pans will look great because of its vintage vibe.

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