Cottage Style Living Room

Cottage Style Living Room Ideas and Inspirations

If you love a warm living room with a traditional and rustic vibe, you will also love a cottage style living room. These living room design ideas will inspire you and show you how to choose the best color and furniture for the cottage living room.

Incorporate in Earthy and Natural Tones

The key to creating a perfect cottage living room interior design is to choose earthy and natural colors. These colors will make the living room looks warmer and perfect for family gatherings.

Cottage style is closely linked with rustic rural settings. So, you need to incorporate many natural materials with soft earthy colors. Wooden furniture will be the best option. But you also can get this atmosphere by using rattan chairs and cream wall paints.

Choose Warm but Colorful Decorations

You can play with other colors to spice up the room. But make sure to choose something that still looks and feels warm, for example, pastel colors.

Many professional interior designers suggest using blue and yellow pastel colors to decorate and add some colors to your cottage style living room. Blue looks pretty and calming; on the other hand, yellow gives a refreshing vibe to the whole design. Those two colors will complement the earthy tone perfectly.

Choose Vintage Furniture

The best thing about a cottage style home is its rustic vibe. Maybe this is the reason why you choose this style in the first place. To amplify the rural atmosphere, you can choose vintage furniture.

A bulky sofa and armchair will be a great addition to the living room. They are comfortable and go perfectly with the cottage style. Do not choose perfect furniture with a glossy finish that looks just came out of the store. It is best to go with shabby furniture with washed color. Upcycled furniture will not look cheap or out of place in this living room. In fact, those pieces of furniture are needed to achieve the traditional style that you are after.

Mix Up Modern and Traditional

Even though cottage style is all about rustic and traditional atmosphere, it doesn’t mean the whole look of your home will stay in the 70s. Don’t hesitate to add a modern touch because it will beautify your living room design.

You can add a streamlined sofa or modern coffee table with a glass top. Combine the modern look with an element that a cottage living room can’t live without—a fireplace. The contemporary furniture offers unexpected elements to the living room. This combination will make your cottage style living room looks out of this world.

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