5 Ways to Make a Dining Room More Interesting

5 ways to make a dining room more interesting

5 ways to make a dining room more interesting – When someone says dining room, what image pops into your head? Try it. List the items.

For many of us, these words conjure up a dining room set and all that goes with it, a chandelier and some sort of stall or maybe a buffet. Probably some kind of picture will be included. I bet matching is the most obvious feature.

It doesn’t have to be like this unless you like it.

Here are 5 ways to make your dining area stand out a little.

Mix and match your chairs and table

dining table, upholstered chairs,

5 ways to make a dining room more interesting

The days of eating utensils are behind us. In many magazines you see all sorts of mixes of styles, materials and colors. I love the look of upholstered chairs with a wooden table. They soften the harsh edges and provide some relief in the “wood” department. Some adventurous types opt for two different types of chairs.

Mixing of modern table and traditional chairs

Adore Magazine

Another option, if you’re not too adventurous, is to upholster each of your wooden chairs in a different but coordinating fabric. Note that this room features more traditional chairs with a very basic table.

Mid-century modern dining chairs, charcoal dining chairs, buffets

In the case of my own dining room, I painted my matching chairs charcoal gray and upholstered them in a much lighter fabric to make them the center of interest in my sea of ​​gold tones. I’m trying to muster enough courage to paint the solid ash buffets the same color. I’m not there yet It’s difficult when your furniture is all handmade with love.

5 ways to make a dining room more interesting

Look for a harmonious buffet

Forget a buffet to match (wish I could!). Look for one with the same undertone as your table or chairs and similar lines if you like, or opt for something painted or a completely different style. Some elements of it should relate to the room as a whole: wood tone, style or color of other objects in the room.

Here are two I would choose for my space to work with my chairs.

They definitely complement the dark of the chairs, the style is mid-century like the table and I like the fact that they’re both off the ground. This openness will create the illusion of space, always an added plus in a small space.

5 ways to make a dining room more interesting

Own at least one handmade/original item

We live in a mass production economy where the answer to everything lies in one big department store. Not so. Save your money, visit an antique store, craft store or gallery. Find something you love made by the hand of an artist and display it with pride knowing it is one-of-a-kind. It doesn’t have to be big.

Ceramic pot, Anita Singh, barnacles

This month I have a beautiful pot on my buffet created by an artist friend, Anita Singh. i love her work

because it always refers to the natural world. Barnacle is always a topic of conversation. It’s also the perfect example for my next point.

5 ways to make a dining room more interesting