10 tips against noise

10 tips against the noise

10 tips against the noise – Tired of all the noise coming from outside (traffic/neighbors)? Before we start a costly lawsuit, let’s see how we can improve your home. Our blog has collected 10 tips to help you fight the noise.
10 tips against the noise

Home decor, an aesthetic solution!

1. Carpets and rugs

The carpet not only decorates, protects and insulates the floor, but can also absorb sound. Carpets can perform the same tasks, although they were first used for hanging on walls and covering sofas. They absorb part of the noise from below and muffle your own furniture. And you can wear heels without disturbing your neighbors… Check out our selection of rugs here >>

10 tips against the noise

2. Curtains on windows and doors

A poorly insulated window or roller shutter box will give you sleepless nights. In addition to sealing their joints with silicone, you can first hang thick curtains on them. Curtains on a door also deaden noise from one room to another.

3. Furniture

Avoid echoing spaces. A massive wardrobe on the wall is useful with noisy neighbors on the doorstep. If you are short on space, you can replace furniture with paintings, mirrors, tapestries, etc.

10 tips against the noise

4. The bathroom

Can you hear your neighbor’s TV while you’re bathing? I can definitely understand! Whistles and bathtubs are among the most important sound conductors. Fill the gap under your bathtub with glass wool. As for the pipes and taps, their acoustic performance is constantly increasing.

5. Take care of your balcony

Use your balcony against the street riots. No need for a large, even a small thuja hedge can make all the difference. If you have a green thumb, why not build your own green wall? Check our articles on this topic.

10 tips against the noise

6. If you (luckily) have a patio, a pergola would be another option. You can get one in wrought iron for €150.

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7. Doors

Alternate doors: Soundproof doors are based on a series of layers of different materials (wood, metal). Since it is still expensive, it will be the most useful instead of your front door.

10 tips against the noise

8. Window

New generation windows: forget about double glazing, the time has come triple! Well, it’s still a bit pricey… And double glazing will be enough to stop the noise from inside. By the way, make sure that it matches the style of your building. If your ceiling is decorated with moldings, you may have to sacrifice them…

9. A false ceiling

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